Hello and welcome to the Second Edition of the Overwatch Scrub Cup!
Signups are now CLOSED, you can still sign up as a substitute!

The Scrub Cup is a tournament for Overwatch players up to Gold level, up to 2500 SR, created to give lower-ranked players the chance to play in a competitive environment. The goal is to let players experience the game as it was meant to be played, with cooperating teams facing each other, and outplaying the opponent on a mechanical, but also strategic level.

Players will have the opportunity to play together as a team, to train together and receive advice and coaching from more experienced players. Matches will also be casted by the community, giving players and casters an unique opportunity to see something else but pro-level play. Tune in to see Tracers blinking off the map and teams mastering the Cloud9 strategies, but also to watch genuinely exciting play with off-meta heroes and huge rezzes.

There are two separate tournaments for Americas and Europe to accomodate time zones and ping differences. The event is for PC players only, we can sadly not offer console support right now, simply due to personnel constraints. If you want to host a similar console tournament, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out!

The Scrub Cup will run for two weeks, starting 13th of May. From the 13th until the 26th group stage matches will take place. Teams can freely schedule their matches with other competitors in their group of 4 teams over those two weeks, in a round-robin format. The best two in each group will advance to the knockout stages, running the weekend from 26th-28th.

Players sign up as solo entrants and will be sorted into teams based on their SR and preferred roles. To keep things fair and interesting, no premades will be allowed – you can, of course, all sign up as solo entrants! Once you have a team assigned you can start to train together and find a coach to help you on your journey to become the absolute best Scrubs in the world!

We’ve had a very successful first edition at the end of Season 2, at the end of November, with almost 500 players from many countries participating and having fun. They battled it out over two weekends, with Team RoboGunslinger emerging as the victor for Americas and Team Clueless winning the European edition. We saw the lowest ranked player in the world (1 SR!) almost make it to the grand finals and clutch plays, as well as a Graviton Surge being thrown just out of spawn.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work to bring you the second, improved edition of the Scrub Cup. We’ve taken the criticism to heart and majorly reworked the tournament format and clarified our rules regarding some issues we had in the first edition. You can find the updated rules here and an explanation of the relevant changes here. Most importantly, we’ve reduced the number of games on any given day and made sure that all games you play in your group stages are actually relevant. We’ve also reworked our system for dealing with smurfs and players over the limit.

This is an unique opportunity to both learn and have tons of fun at the same time, so please, join us for the Second Scrub Cup and sign up and join our Discord to chat with us!

This is also a great opportunity for prospective casters and coaches – this event is specifically meant to be a learning experience for everybody, so you can try your hand at casting or coaching and receive valuable feedback! Head over to the signup page and fill your information to get started.